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considering, i've been following you guys for nearly two years. The whole sonichu endevaour. the shorts, everything, i must say, you guys, you did it.

you have made this so much perfect than i could imagine. After that failure of that 2 part sonichu, season 2 thing on youtube (in my own opinion). i thought this project would never go off. but after anticipating, and anticipating ,you pulled it off. you guys did a project worthy of awards, worthy of views, something faggots will cry over, and intellects would praise over. although it took longer than you guys thought it would. it turned out great. You achieved like what PFFFR did for the porno industry, or what harmony korine did to the film industry. you made something so fucked up, and hard to wrap your mind around, it actually looks amazing to watch, and amusing to watch. the sound quality couldn't be greater, the animation was squeaky clean. top notch voice actors and editors. it was worth the waiting. it was worth the complaining, but in the end, you pulled it off.

to create the most anti-rina chan animation ever on newgrounds. something the backalleys have tried, but miserably failed and backfired upon them. you did the, theorettically and physically speaking, impossible.

10 out of 10 and 5 out of 5. congratulations.

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happy birthday bro.

hope you get your dick sucked pretty hard. i really wish you the best.

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Hulalaoo responds:

He die Taylor

Bro, it's nice.

But this stuff is more suitable for the Art portal. and if you really want to make a video. Put it on youtube.

i like it, it's just on the wrong location. it's nicely made. but really. don't post it here. it's just going to be seen as spam. personally 10 out of 10, but i give it via this site a score of 1 out of 10.

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oay, but alot of problems.

So, i played two rounds in this, both with the mouse. the first time, i won effortlessy because the opponent always lets the ball pass him by like a few pixels. the second time around i got the problem that the game wouldn't register if i hit the ball, even if my palet was dead center so that a ball basically passed through my pallet. Now, i get this, it's just a test. But for a test it's extremely glitchy. if it was a test you would release publically, i would've checked out the glitches and get rid of the small mistakes before you posted this.

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looks like something from 2003.

Could use better graphics and maybe a better physics engine. The possibillities are all yours, but i thought this sucked. 3 out of 10 for nostalgia.

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Amazing hardcore punk rock song. If you were there in the trenches of the early 80's punk movement you would've been equally as legendary as Ian McKaye or Henry Rollins.

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Obama swag

like dem swagger beatz, i feel like a real ape right now.

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DJ-MaxKeeble responds:

ook ook obama

that is...

that is one DIRTY dubstep song. actually, a great filthstep song. Since what they call 'dubstep' on this site is quite mediocre. this sounds alot like Datsik or Borgore or Funtcase. Pretty good shit bro. Filthier than skinny dipping in a sewer.

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for someone who has seen 'plenty of naked women'..

... and 'studied anatomy', you really fucked up on this one. relevant to your beliefs of how a female looks, if put in practice, and this was an actual person, she wouldn't be able to walk up straight. the torso is way to thin and slender, the legs are too long and the head is gruesomly disproportioned. same goes for your interpretation of the "boobies". next to that the perspective looks awfully off. you could say to me to fuck off and die in a hole. but living in a family from which the majority does art, and me, a person who is attending an art school, i can see the technical flaws of it all.

yes i do not draw antomically correct, i accept huge flaws in anatomy for my interest in what the perspective of art is. and i'm more fond of drawing silly doodley characters, and the funner, easier things that my doodles represent. the modern esthetic of grafitti also influences that.

considering you could break me down on every little thing in my drawings. the problem with you is you actually think this is technically correct. that the anatomy is flawless. i would say you looked at some random anime for this. but let me tell you one thing. anime and manga anatomy is far from related to the anatomy of an actual person.

so the verdict? 0 out of 10, because if this is awful. putrid color schemes, horrid anatomy and your bloated sense of self righteousness isn't going to save you. Sure, people will love this, but only a small target audience will appreciate this. 6 to 8 hours to complete something of this caliber is very unrealistic, considering i could draw something this awful on a very old computer, with a mouse, in maybe less than a half an hour.

i would recommend you the book "Essential Fashion Illustration" by Maite Lafuente or " Step-by-Step Studio: Drawing Concepts: A complete guide to essential drawing techniques and fundamentals" by diane dardaci. These are people who have been drawing their entire lives, people who know the essentials, the fundamentals, the tools and the patience to make something beautiful. i'd say throw out all your manga drawing guide books and anime DVD's, grow up, and start concentrating on realistic things. start by going outside and drawing your area, draw the people, draw the houses. it takes patience. it's not about how long you work, because i know people who can make insane portrets in less than minutes. so stop being so self absorbed and try it.

that's about it, i have given you all the advice i can possibly give. so yeah

T;dr; your art sucks, get practicing, or die like a failure...

-Love, nantes.

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DragonPunch responds:

I'll only use references...Sorry, I learn best MY WAY.

look, i'm just trying to help.

well, first off, i have to say that i don't like this. that i really don't like this, in fact, i dislike it so much that i actually hate it. but, i'll try to go easy on you.

i have to start off, with the proportions. yes, Chibis, have small proportions, but Even in chibi land, you have some sort of anatomy. this lacks both Anatomy and style. fact is, the torsos are too long, the arms and legs are too short. considering for a chibi. Second of is the use of colors. it couldn't get any blander and lazier, the horrid pink color, that ugly swampy moss-green you find in default in MS-paint and that putrid turd-brown for the hair. there is also a lack of depth, there isn't much going in the departement on shading. which makes it even uglier.

yes, there are artist who have lack of shadows, but know enough about color. enough that they can create amazing pictures without any shadow. for the record. you aren't one of them. i would think you are color blind.

also, the line art. really? it looks like you drew this in vector. yet, vectors are for people who know how to draw, and draw for a living. i don't know if this is scanned in, or vectored. but either way it's gross. stop that

in general i hate chibis, so that's a big turn off for me. i hate it, and that will never change.

also, i just don't like the composition of the picture too, the characters are just slapped around everywhere, i hate it, i hate all that shit.

has it really, come to this? yes, but you are the one to blame
you know what, fuck it. 3 out of 10. and that's being respectful.

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hey, i gave it a 5 for your artistic skillz. but i gave it a 0 here because it's darion. even if you draw him better than he looked in the source pic. you can't polish a turd.

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