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Nantes's News

Posted by Nantes - November 1st, 2013

Long time, NG community

First off, i want to apologize to all the people who i've been a dick to. Wether it be the forums, this blog or in my personal messages. I realise i was acting like a complete fucking douchebag. Also, I probably should apologize to all the artists i was ragging on or flaming or "trolling" (but not the critique).

Also. I never post here anymore. So here are some links i'm still very active on;

Tumblr (specific art tag)




That's it really. Furthermore, have fun!



Posted by Nantes - October 16th, 2011

Posted by Nantes - November 9th, 2010

...And get the fuck out of my dick.

haters should go and listen to Gravediggaz.

Word to your moms.

why don't you make like a banana....

Posted by Nantes - November 1st, 2010

i have fallen onto hard times. Critical insomnia is fallen into a slumber, our coder is a stupid lazy russian who smokes weed all day. and the site doesn't get updated. My comic has been on hiatus since i think august. And i have a feeling if this site doesn't get anything renewing, it's actually going to die.

Art school is also a motherfucker, And my dorm master (something we have here in europe) is on my ass too much about studying, that it's actually flipping my shit. That i don't want to do anything. it's not school getting to me, it's the dorm.

While a lot of people say that my art is good and that i should make a living off of it, i don't know how. I don't know where to start. Which sucks hard. so right now i'm just running circles. what the fuck am i going to do? I really don't know

But there is a small light on the horizon, me and my sister are thinking about renting an appartment. A friend of mine also suggested me it would be a good idea to start making shirts with some of my designs on them. And that's really the only good news. furthermore i'm just sitting here not knowing what to do.

Posted by Nantes - August 24th, 2010


these are the forums
http://www.criticalinsomnia.com/forums /index.php

my webcomic. COTTON SHOOTER
http://www.cottonshooter.criticalinsom nia.com/

Posted by Nantes - July 11th, 2010

Hey you guys, major update!

finally, after months and months of anticipation, ChainsawDentist AKA Spazkid, finally brough out his long awaited flash project,street fighter chode, with animation by Hulalaoo and spazkid, and voices by GuitarmasterX7, Redfeather08 AKA Paul Benton, and DruoxTheShredder! believe me, it was worth the wait, especially after the crew of Stretch Douche hit a tough spot after Sonichu season 2's first episode. Which was seen by fans as a failure compared to the old ones. The website which was overrun by complete FAGGOTS. and some other shit like arguments and conflicts within the group. but now, it's finally here! and man, is it worth the watch! it's like, you take the crude humor from gummo (a movie by Harmony Korine), the bright colors from wonder showzen, the dicks from some filthy Ron Jeremy porn flick, all the stupid and retarded internet references you hate so much and Newgrounds (nuff said). Throw them in a blender, and you basically have yourself a street fighter chode. just sprinkle a bit of extra hatred towards rina chan over it, and marinade it in some dated fighting game before blending.

you can watch this amazing animation here!

thanks to Paul for the personal thank you.

an another note, i am working on this project for a webcomic, for my friend John Amirians site, critical insomnia. the site isn't up yet, but everybody on the site is working very hard to get their first webcomic done by launch. including me! i will keep you guys updated on this as i go along, but right now, this post is all in praise of street fighter chode, congratulations guys, you pulled it off!

now go and listen to some spazz, you cunts!

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Posted by Nantes - July 1st, 2010

you wouldn't know what art is if it hit you in the face with a shovel.

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Posted by Nantes - May 27th, 2010

Why are you sucking up to that chick who made ' i said NO'? it was a piece of shit anyways.

remember people, having a negative opinion means you are trolling.

keep on truckin'.

/* */
Also, i got expelled from school. cause i got in a fight with some douche. So i'm at home so i wouldn't be able to beat up more cuntheads. got to go talk to a counselor next week anyways.

Posted by Nantes - May 25th, 2010

Why do we allow to past shit like this or this through the portal? It's rather depressing. i don't understand, explain me how this is amusing. or at least worthy of passing through the fucking portal.

Speaking of portals, you have the art portal, which is as equally as bad. irrelevant, bland boring, this is just ridiculous. and then people still have the gonads to call my art 'fucking generic' something i need to hear from dumb sleezebag wannabe anime artists who never crawl out of their hole. and also, steal my ideas. i think it's safe to say that it's quite ironic of them. They tell me that my art sucks, but still derive their ideas from my art. the art that was supposedly Generic.

Biased cunts. everyone should burn in hell.

/* */
also, Old post redux

Posted by Nantes - May 24th, 2010

incredible. Fucking piece of shit games and movies everywhere on this god forsaken site. the only thing i found worth playing today was Sprocket Rocket. fun little game,poor replay value, but a real time killer. a fat fuck you to anybody who said this game was to hard or commercial. it's alot better than playing games like, i dunno, Desire and Submission 2?

And then people wonder why i'm mad. and all like 'raging' and 'trolling.' this poor excuse of a site just gets on my nerves, while we keep posting crappy ass games and flash animations in the portal. Tom fulp his wallet gets fatter.

I'm not starting a revolution here, because that's impossible. It's too late. since the masses of 13 year olds are desensitized by all the shit they get thrown in their face.

fuck it all. i hate this, and i need a drink. While tom enjoys his gross revenue he gets from plastering this site with fucking ads. we get shovels of shit in our face.

real classy, faggots.

i leave you with this brand new track by heist.

/* */
here's a drawing i made, check out DA for a higher quality version.

God this shit is so gay